Why Hazebuster?

Hazebuster is dedicated to providing the best in aviation sunglasses at reasonable prices. 

Our primary goals are: (1) proper protection from harmful UVA and UVB light rays and (2) acquisition of the best image possible. 

The Hazebuster Total Vision Aviation Lens

  • IS NOT POLARIZED, so you can read the modern instrument panel

          AND, for float plane landings, judge where the surface of the water is

          AND see a glint off of a cell tower or off of another aircraft (See and Avoid)

  • Is a “high definition” lens, providing the best separation possible between objects in the distance
  • Allows you to see every detail quickly and clearly in “See and Avoid” situations, when spit-second action is vital
  • Is a “true color” lens—red is red, blue is blue, and green is green, with little to no color distortion
  • Blocks virtually 100% of UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Less squinting, less eye fatigue, less blurry vision.  Excellent in low light, haze, rain or snow.
  • The Air Surgeon General and the FAA recommend 3 lens colors for aviation: Brown (the lens tint Hazebuster specializes in), Grey, and Grey-green.
  • Currently available in all three optical materials: glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic.
  • Click for Polycarbonate Lens Shields:  lightest weight material, rear antireflective coating, scratch-resistant coating but easier to scratch than glass, high impact resistance/will not shatter, visual clarity not as good as glass or acrylic                            
  • Click for Acrylic Clip-on:  High visual clarity, lightweight material, easier to scratch than glass, some impact resistance but will shatter